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Copper anode preparing machine


Copper ER plant equipment  


Automatically prepare the copper anode plates 


During the copper refining process, in order to obtain the cathode copper with high purity, improve the current efficiency, lower the energy consumption and ease the labor intensity, the flatness of the anode plates needs to be ensured and the anode plate surface must be smooth with no burrs or convex and vertical to the cell when the anode plates are loaded. Therefore, in the copper electro-refining process, the anode preparation machine is usually used to do processing and preparation work, such as flattening the anode plates, correcting and milling anode plate lugs and distance arraying to maintain the high quality of anode plates.


1)  Rated Productivity: 350 pieces/hour(450 pieces/hour at most).

2)  Correct the anode plate lug and mill the bottom side to be flat

    and then milling length is adjustable, but should be not less than 65mm.

3)  The anode plate space distance is 100mm and each cell can load 37 pieces of anode plates.

4)  The drape factor after processing should be less than 5mm.

5)  The rated working pressure of the shaper is 800 tons(The designed maximum pressure is 800tons).

6)  The installed gross capacity : 320kw.

7)  The no-load noise is less than 85dBA.

8)  Load materials at entry by forklift (8-10 pieces/stack).

9)  The processing capability of one set of milling cutter is more than 8000 pieces of anode plates. (All the anode plates meet the standard quality) .


  1. The machine processing adopts linear vertical type for shaping, correcting and milling of lugs.
  2. The key equipment are the vertical shaper and milling machine which have modern design, can flatten the plate surface, have accurate positioning of correcting and milling of lugs, can correct unbalance loading and do the coordinated actions as well as have high work efficiency.
  3. Use the smart electric-hydraulic proportional integrated control technology as hydraulic system.
  4. PLC can-bus network control which has the functions of good human-computer interface, automatic default detection and warning and is used for the electronic control system.
  5. The unit production line has reasonable layout and simple structure and covers small area.
  6. The anode plate that are processed by this unit are flat. The hanging part has good electric conductivity after correction and milling, which improves the current efficiency and reduces the energy consumption.
  7. Cylinder brand: REXROTH or other famous brand.
  8. PLC: Siemens
  9. Bearings: SKF 

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